Story of Liyana & Qusyairi

Story of Liyana & Qusyairi

Our Ladyboss, Liyana and her fiancé – soon to be husband, is about to embark on a beautiful journey together. We discover the love story behind this power couple.

Their unusual love story began when Liyana’s parents passed along a message through a mutual friend to pray for a good man who will take care of their daughter. The message was received by Haji Nasib, who was visiting the Holy Land of Mecca, and he then approached Liyana’s father and told him about his son, Qusyairi, who had also prayed for the same wish.

It was then that both Liyana and Qusyairi’s parents introduced their families to each other, and slowly but surely, an unexpected friendship blossomed between Liyana and Qusyairi. They began to talk over the phone, about their interests, and differences. Liyana was always texting Qusyairi during meetings, and Qusyairi would call her during his lunch breaks.

Knowing, she was the one, Qusyairi and his family visited Liyana’s parents to ask their blessings for Liyana’s hand in marriage, which was received with warmth and agreement.


The Love Series 


Story Behind The Love Series: The Beginning

Qusyairi has been instrumental in Liyana’s inspirations for her designs. She merged her inspiration from love letters and quotes inspired by Rumi, embodying what she feels for Qusyairi. She hopes that others would express their feelings for their loved ones in one way or another, like how she does through this shawl design.


Story Behind The Love Series: The Journey

According to Liyana, “the wedding reception is really to share the joy of our love with our family and friends. We are really honoured that others made the time to attend this celebration.” This LOVE shawl is to commemorate the occasion with the colour palettes that inspire many of her designs.

Congratulations to Liyana and Qusyairi on their big day!

We at LQ wish them all the love and support on the next phase of their journey to jannah. 🙂