About Us

Lady Qomash was founded by Digital Artist, Liyana Ahmad Zaini, who wanted to transform her creative expressions using pen and paper to wearable art.

“Qomash” comes from قماش or cloth in Arabic. Liyana vision is to create a complete line of apparels not only limited to headwear.


Lady Qomash is pioneer in hand drawn printed apparel. Designs were meticulously done by hand and then translated to a cloth. Our designs are suitable for all walks of life especially to those who want to give of simple chic image. We encourage everyone to say who they are through their style.


The Lady Qomash brand also welcomes local artist partnership, as the ultimate goal is to become a House of Art, where art and fashion assimilate.

Nadjwa is Liyana’s Sister. Both of them are blessed with such creative mind. Nadjwa have been working with big name in area of creative display, her latest stint being with Parkson as senior executive.


She has recently joined the business and will be spearheading future business growth for Lady Qomash.