About The Design:

The iconic shawls are unique due to the designs that are drawn and coloured by hand by founder, Liyana Ahmad Zaini, which are then digitally scanned to produce limited edition shawls that are high quality and cooling, whilst still remaining affordable.


Our Lebaran Collection was inspired by the traditional wooden houses, fondly known by Malaysians as kampung, one normally sees or stay at during their visits back to their hometowns during the Raya celebrations.


Raya is celebrated by all Muslims worldwide, marking an end to a whole fasting month, otherwise known as Ramadhan. The moon in the illustration is a familiar figure for all those who celebrate the occasion, as the end of the fasting month is marked by the sight of the first crescent of the new moon above Mecca.


In Malaysia, a local food called ketupat (which you can see on the shawl illustration), is a food eaten during the Raya celebrations. Locals would weave the intricate palm leaves into tight diamond shapes, and fill it with rice, before boiling it.


All these symbols were thoughtfully drawn and fused by the artist into the Lebaran collection.



Length: 180 cm
Width: 70 cm



100% quality and lightweight satin silk


1. The shawl comes in a premium Lady Qomash black box

2. Actual colour may vary slightly due to lighting effects.

Weight 12 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm

Lebaran Lilac, Lebaran Pine, Lebaran Snow, Lebaran Violet

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