About The Design:

The iconic shawls are unique due to the designs that are drawn and coloured by hand by founder, Liyana Ahmad Zaini, which are then digitally scanned to produce limited edition shawls that are high quality and cooling, whilst still remaining affordable.


According to Liyana, the new collection, “Juicy”, was inspired by her love in exploring new fruits as she embarks on a healthier journey in purview of her upcoming wedding in April. “I was really inspired by the bold and vibrant colours that are native to our country, and known as tropical fruits. This led to several sessions of fruit sketches, before it transformed into the art piece you see now.”


The Juicy Collection comes in three colours; Sherbert, Berry and Bubblegum. “I am always inspired by Malaysia’s beautiful and natural resources. We have many exotic and delicious fruits. I will always try to somehow incorporate our heritage and spirit into our shawls, be it the motifs, or colors,” she adds.



Length: 180 cm
Width: 70 cm



100% quality and lightweight polysilk


1.  Every shawl comes in an exclusive black Lady Qomash box.

2. Actual colour may vary slightly due to lighting effects.



Juicy Berry, Juicy Bubblegum, Juicy Sherbert

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