About The Team


Liyana, is the founder and artist who designs Lady Qomash Premium Prints.

Showcasing her passion and artwork, she transforms a integral part of her wardrobe into something wearable for the everyday woman who loves chic luxury. 

Keep reading the blog for snippets on how Liyana transforms her passion into masterpiece artwork. 



Nurdianna, is the fashion researcher for the expansion of the company. She does not just research about products but also business development opportunities to help the company grow. She also generates leads on new business revenue for the future of the organisation.



Sarah, is the one who manages all operations in the company. She manages the incoming and outgoing of products from the company as well as liaise with LQ agents and communicate with LQ customers. Customer and Agents' satisfaction is her number one priority. So, if you receive a response from LQ via e-mail, its probably she.