We know that in life there are events that is only worth going into when you are ready. By ready we are talking about bespoke dress catered specifically for you. We cater to dresses from bride to casual dinner wear. Made an appointment now and see our Chief Seamstress work wonder on you.

We know that you need time to confirm the design and to be really comfortable with what you are going to wear, that is why the Chief Seamstress will deal directly with you. Upon request, we can also drop by your house to take the measurement, Subject to surcharge if the location is more than 15km away.

We source materials within your budget and assist you to get it right without compromising quality. At the end of the day, we want you to feel good getting what you want without leaving a big hole in the wallet.

Last but not least, the main purpose of having a dress is to wear it. We will ensure that the dress will be ready on time for your big day. We guarantee that we will deliver otherwise we will provide full refund and you can keep the dress. That is the least we can do.